Artificial Eyes & Cosmetic Shells


An artificial eye is not only a prosthesis (a medical device that replaces lost tissue) it is also an orthosis (a medical device that supports tissue).
Please note that if you have recently undergone surgery, a period of time will be required for healing and stabilisation. Your surgeon will advise you when you are ready for us to proceed.

Below is an indication of what may take place during your appointments.


First Appointment

You will be assessed to ensure that your socket is healthy and that we are able to proceed to fabricate your prosthesis.

After assessment we obtain an impression of your socket by introducing a cream which sets to a soft, rubbery consistency to record the shape of your socket. We then hand paint the iris for your artificial eye in your presence to obtain a colour match to your natural eye.


Second Appointment

Based on the impression taken during your previous appointment, we carefully modify and sculpt a wax pattern which fits your socket closely. We conclude this appointment by positioning your iris unit to align with your natural eye. The ideal balance between fit, comfort, mobility, lid-line and contour is achieved depending upon your socket characteristics.

Artificial Eyes

Third Appointment

You will come to collect your artificial eye and we will make any minor adjustments that may be necessary. We will also provide you with advice on cleaning your artificial eye and demonstrate how to remove and re-insert your artificial eye.

We endeavour to provide the best possible outcome for every patient, however there are certain factors beyond our control that may compromise the final result. Examples may include scarring, surgery, presence of adhesions, implant size and positioning, age related anatomical changes and infant compliance etc.